Making a Good and Professional Brand Logo

With the ever-increasing competition in the digital economy movement, logo that can help consumers recognize the brand that we have. In addition to exploring the flow of changing business to online so that they can compete in the digital age. Innovation and periodic updates are also needed so that the business does not sink.

In dialogue with business innovation, a logo is a significant component that requires a mature strategy and innovation in its creation. The existence of a logo in a brand is crucial. Because the logo is a central part as a starting point for displaying the branding and image of a product. Not only that, the logo is one method to build brand awareness. Therefore, in this post, we want to provide a special review regarding guidelines for making a logo. keep following, ok!

A Photo Can Paint a Thousand Words

The first guide to making a logo is to really understand the product you want to develop and what uniqueness it has. Because a good logo can describe the meaning of a brand and its products only through photos and color matching.

For example, it can be seen from the cutlery logo in the form of plates, spoons and forks. This means a logo that is able to represent the product you want to highlight only through a photo. So regardless of seeing or recognizing the brand name of the product. We always want to know that the product offered is food.

Provide Empty Space On Logo So The Design Looks Clean

A founder of the famous clothing brand “Chanel” named Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel once said “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and let go of one thing”. The implied meaning of this sentence does not seem too far-fetched and it would be better if it looked simple. This meaning also applies to world design. Creating empty space between logos can make it look clean and simple.

Create a Simple Logo that’s Easy to Remember

The guide to making the next logo is to produce a simple logo that is easy to remember. For some design experts, a good logo is one that is easily recognized and remembered by consumers or their customers. Create a logo that is easy to spot and remember. An example of a logo design that is easy to remember. And also represents the brand name well is one of the guidelines for making a logo that you must try.

As an example of a logo from one of the largest IT industries today, namely Apple. The logo from Apple is very simple and represents the brand name well. Because the brand name is Apple, so the company logo they created is in the form of an apple with a slight bite on the right for the distinctive characteristics of the logo. The colors used in the Apple brand logo are also very neutral, namely dark and white. So they are suitable when placed in various types of their products.

Imagine the Place Where the Logo Will Be Placed

When creating a logo, it is necessary to pay close attention to the product to which the logo will be affixed. For example, if your company is engaged in the food and beverage sector and you want to make a drink logo. Then the shape of the logo that is suitable is a circle because it will look good when affixed to a drink glass.

Not only that, it’s better if you also consider the promotion strategy used for the product. If the marketing strategy to be implemented to promote a product is through networking (from social media, webinars, and others). Then the logo created must look good on a business card.

Likewise, when the marketing strategy used is through digital marketing (with video marketing for example). So that the logo maker can think of a unique and striking color combination. So that the logo can stand out on the promotional video screen.

Color Is The Key To A Good Logo Design

The next guide to making a good logo is related to color. The choice of color in a logo is important. Mistakes in mixing colors can make a logo mess up. Because color is a design factor that plays a very important role in making a brand logo. So you must first understand the meaning and various colors. In the world of design, colors are classified into 7 types, namely primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, neutral colors, hot colors, cool colors, and complementary colors.

The logo design should be made using primary colors or neutral colors so that it looks simple, easy to remember, and not too ‘crowded’. The primary colors are the undertones such as blue, yellow and red. On the other hand, neutral colors are the result of a combination of 3 types of colors (primary, secondary and tertiary) with a balance proportion of 1: 1: 1. Examples of neutral colors are dark, white, brown and gray.

Not only mastering the types of colors, it is also necessary to know the meaning of each color so that it can be adapted to the meaning and philosophy of the brand. An example is a dark color that means strength, elegance, and formality. Dark colors are suitable for typography as well as functional parts of logos. Another example is purple, which is always associated with creativity and imagination. So that this color will be appropriate to describe wealth, luxury, and royalty.

Convey the Literal Meaning of the Logo

The logo as a symbol of brand identity can be translated implicitly or explicitly. If a brand wants to show its identity in a real and transparent way, then it can create a logo with a literal brand meaning. If your brand name is an item, then the designation of the item is a logo. A Power Storage brand uses a logo in the form of an “electricity” photo to convey the implied message of the brand. Another example is the Apple industry which uses the apple logo to literally represent their brand.

Exploring the Age of Growth and Culture

If your brand already has a logo beforehand, then there’s nothing wrong with making a new logo from the results of the previous logo revamp that already exists. Overhaul can be tried by simplifying methods. Because the times continue to develop, something that is simple, easy to remember, but still eye-catching and outstanding is more in demand by many people. Pepsi logo design assessment from year to year.

As seen in the evolution of the Pepsi logo design. As an industry that was founded decades ago, Pepsi continues to innovate in improving their logo. The Pepsi logo has gone through several design iterations. So far it has created a logo that is very simple and easy to remember.

Not only that, a good logo design must always follow the growth of market and cultural trends (market and cultural trends). If you don’t want to follow the path of changing times, then the logo design will feel stiff and monotonous. Not only does a logo have to adapt to changing times and cultures, but a business also has to adjust to it.

With the continued incessant activity of citizens doing it offline, conventional businesses that only use physical shops to market their products will continue to be far behind. Therefore innovation and updates are needed so that businesses can explore online and be able to attract more customers through virtual. For more details, Exabytes Friends can stop by for a moment at the following post: Business Alibi Mandatory Go Online

Use logotypes

The next guide to making a good and reliable branding logo is related to Logotype. The logotype is also known as the “word mark”, which is the use of the brand name as the main inspiration for designing a logo. One of the advantages of using a Logotype is that it can increase brand identity and brand awareness because the visual logo immediately conveys data about the industry. Not only that, Logotype can give a classic and traditional impression to a logo design.

Implement the Visual Double Entendre Method

Visual Double Entendre is a design concept that uses 2 photos as the main element of the logo so that the logo has 2 meanings that merge into one. By using the Double Entendre Visual Method, designers can combine a place, concept, inspiration, brand name, theme, and more in just one photo. So that the logo will not look full and always be simple but eye-catching.

The uniqueness of this method is that it can provide data about the brand without having to include the brand name as reading on the logo. Not only that, Visual Double Entendre is able to introduce an artistic and clever impression on a brand logo.

Use Custom-Fonts on Logos with Typography

The guide to making a logo that will be discussed next is related to arrangement. One of the unique and interesting ideas in making a logo is to use typography. The typography method creates a logo that is only in the form of writing. The writing is generally in the form of a brand name.

As an example, the Coca-Cola logo was presented using typography as the method of making the logo. By only making a logo in the form of a brand name. But it is always interesting, unique, and not mainstream because Coca-Cola uses its own custom font. Custom-fonts specially created by a brand’s design team in making a logo will create an authentic and creative impression. Currently, there are many applications or applications that can create their own fonts, one of which is FontLab Studio and FontCreator.

Selection of the Best Logo Forming Application or Application

If you have just entered the business world and the brand you are developing is still on a micro scale. So you don’t have your own designer to make a logo, then you can make a logo cheaply or even for free via the internet.

Online logo designs can also be tried using several applications or special logo-forming applications. Examples of free logo forming applications are Inkscape, Jeta Logo Designer, and Corel Draw.