The best programming language for juniors and seniors on 2022

The best programming language for juniors and seniors on 2022

A programming language is a string of words in the form of instructions or commands that generally consist of many lines that can be understood by a PC. This matter must be understood by a developer in order to build an application or application. Make certain applications so that a language that matches the needs of the application you want to make is also used. Then, what are the most sought after programming languages?

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What is a programming language?

Programming language is the language used to share certain instructions with the PC so that the PC can share answers to the instructions given. The part of the language that the PC can understand is called “binary”. The process of translating a programming language into binary is called “compilation”.

You need to know, although there are many types of programming languages, each programming language has unique features. However, it is possible that there are similarities between programming languages.

When you enter the right programming language on the PC, then the PC will be able to solve environmental problems as expected. PCs will quickly and effectively process large amounts of data which if done by humans would be difficult.

The sophistication of today’s technology continues to open up various opportunities for application developers and experts in the field of computer science. The demand for experienced and up-to-date developers and programmers continues to be great nowadays. Application Engineer income also for idEA ranges from 25 to 30 million rupiah. Not only that, many zones that were previously conventional are now starting to transform digitally such as health, banks, transportation and others. So, programming language skills that are constantly increasing are needed at this time.

12 very relevant programming languages ​​to learn 2022

For those of you who want to start a career as an Application Engineer, having programming language skills is a universal requirement and must be understood. Here are 12 programming languages ​​that are very relevant to learn today:

1. Java

This programming language is indeed well known and can be run on various platforms either through computers, or mobile features. Java has several advantages such as being able to run on different operating systems. After that, Java was included in OOP programming or object-oriented programming, so it was easier for programmers to compile programs using this language.

Not only that, the advantage of the Java programming language is in a complete library that makes it easier for programmers. Applications in Android mobile phones are also made using the Java language, so many programmers use this language because it is more widely needed.

2. Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a programming language developed by Microsoft. Visual Basic offers visual inspiration in making applications, and was developed to create applications based on the Windows operating system. Many Application Developers use Visual Basic in their software development, so this makes VisualBasic one of the most popular languages. In Indonesia, there is a Visual Basic Indonesia team that already has more than twenty-two thousand members.

3. Python

Python is listed as a major level language in the programming language level. Python is also one that can build applications, both web-based and mobile-based. Python language is included in a programming language that is quite easy for newcomers, because the language is easy to read with a syntax that is easy to understand too. Many large industries use Python in their development such as Instagram, Pinterest and Radio. Python is also used by Google, Yahoo!, and NASA developers.

4. C

The C programming language was brought up from near the 70s and is quite popular in Indonesia. Because, almost most of the major IT majors, as well as programming course institutions, use this language to be studied first before taking another language. C becomes the bottom for studying other languages, because indeed this C language is the “father” of other programming languages ​​such as C #, Java, C + +, and so on.

5. PHP

PHP, which stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language that is widely used in Indonesia. In addition to free alibi, PHP is widely used because it is a server side scripting which is designed to build dynamic websites. Not only that, many well-known websites such as Facebook, WordPress, and Digg use PHP in their development. PHP was originally developed by Rasmus Lerdrorf.

6. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is one of the well-known programming languages ​​and is widely used by companies both large and small. Some of the industries that use Rails include AirBnB, Groupun, Twitter, Shopify, and Basecamp. Before pursuing this language, it is recommended to master Ruby first.

7. Rust

Maybe you haven’t heard the name of this programming language because it’s still a new category. But do you understand? In fact, for OverFlow Developer Survey, Rust is a highly sought after and preferred language by developers. Rust was created by the Mozilla Foundation with the aim of avoiding buffer overflows, dangling pointers, or any other type of memory error.

8. Go

If Rust was created by the Mozilla Foundation, this programming language was created by Google. Go has a fairly simple language like Python, but is categorized as efficient as C++. Go mixes some of the best aspects of functional programming, as well as object-oriented. There are also projects that have used Goi, among others, Ethereum Cryptozoic, and kubernetes.

9. Kotlin

After Rust, there is a programming language released by JetBrains, namely Kotlin as a language that is also widely preferred. Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java and without limits. Kotlin runs at the same level of performance as Java, and works very well with all Java libraries and frameworks.

10. TypeScript

TypeScript is a programming language based on the JavaScipt language which was developed by adding new features and benefits so that it is easier to use. Because it has the same syntax as JavaScript, it makes this programming language easy to learn and very quickly adopted by the industry. One of the other advantages of TypeScript is its functionality which allows application engineers to build larger scale solutions.

11. C#

The survey results from CodingInfinite said that C# is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in 2020 that you need to know. The reason is that this programming language is very widely used in the framework. Not only that, you can also use this programming language for various purposes such as developing mobile, desktop and machine learning applications. By understanding this programming language will help you in completing the work on the various projects that you handle.

12. Swift

Swift is a relatively new programming language because it was first introduced in 2014 by Apple. This programming language is used to help developers develop iOS and macOS applications more quickly. Swift itself is heavily influenced by the Python and Ruby programming languages, especially in terms of speed, security and the advantages of being easy to learn.

Swift’s popularity also continues to grow. Research on the top 110 apps in the app store shows that 42 percent of apps already use Swift. That’s why in order to target this growing market, many industries are looking for expertise in the Swift programming language.

What programming language should you learn right now?

Apart from the above programming languages, there are several programming languages ​​that you can consider to increase your knowledge.

Dart. The optimal programming language for programming applications that need to run on various platforms such as Windows and iOS.

Kotlin. A programming language that can be used to develop applications for Android OS.

Perl starts with reading programming that you will easily learn if you want to improve your proof of concept.

Scala is pronounced as a scalable language. This programming language works with Java and is useful for cloud-based applications.

Which programming language you need to learn really depends on your needs. There are successful programmers who succeed only by really understanding one type of programming language. However, there are also those who choose to learn a new language on a regular basis. Usually, programmers cannot understand more than 3 or 4 programming languages.

There are no concrete rules regarding which programming language is suitable for developing a particular application, but there are some pointers that you can understand below;

Web-based startups usually use Python and JavaScript for programming.

Larger industries tend to develop internal applications using C# or Java and web applications using PHP.

Embedded features such as those found in the automotive or health industries operate applications written in C, C++ or Rust.

Applications that are operated using the cloud are currently mostly written using the Go or Scala programming languages.

Programs for information analysis generally use the R and MATLAB programming languages.

Currently, many mobile-based applications have been written using the Swift or Kotlin programming languages.