Top Three Food Blog Designs you would love!

Top Three Food Blog Designs you would love!

Have you finally decided to make your own food blog and inspire people to cook the food they would love? Well, it is undoubtedly great! But have you decided what your blog would look like and if it will be able to engage people in the right manner or not? If not, then you should start thinking of it right away. While it is true that content is the king and matters a lot when it comes to a website, it is also true that the UI and design of the website plays an important role too. How can you expect a visitor to stay on your blog if it does not even look or if it uses a colour scheme that is frustrating and irritating? That is where you will need some ideas for the food blog designs, and I am going to help you with it!

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The three food blog designs you can consider for your own blog!

So these are the three designs you can take the ideas from. Make sure to go through all of them to understand what people love and what they don’t!

Green Kitchen Stories

If you take a look at Green Kitchen Stories, you will find the whole design very calm and straightforward. There are no bright colours used or fancy layout that would attract people. They have used a simple white background with eye-catching text style and formatting. There is a menu on the top along with the website name in the middle, which makes the whole site stand out from the others.

Not only that, but the site also has some fascinating and premium photos, which really attract food lovers. If you also want to do the same, you should also focus on your photography to click the best possible photos. If you want to buy a camera for photography or want to buy the right items to take photographs of, you can go through to find the stores and brands offering what you need. You should also actually consider checking out the reviews on the platform so that you can get the best deal for yourself.

Gimme Some Oven

What is actually up with this name? It is pretty exciting and unique, and that is what makes this site really cool. Other than that, there is a peach colour theme used on the website, which is not too dark and really fascinating to see. Rather than using a lot of content right on the front, Gimme Some Oven has just three features of recipes that food lovers would love to consider making. Other than that, there are no excessive ads that would ruin the user experience; there is only one ad placement that too on the lower end.

The Stay At Home Chef

The name of this blog might be extensive, but the design is just too classy to be ignored. The Stay at Home Chef has quite big images that are professionally made right on the front of the website that brings attention to the users. Users can click on the arrows on both sides to change the images and bring a new recipe for them. If we scroll further down, featured recipes pop up along with the new recipes section that the users can go through.

So the thing is, everything is perfectly managed rather than mixing them. This design can be perfect for someone who wants to organise their blog in a proper way.

The verdict

The best practice that you can do here is to take ideas from all the three designs mentioned above and mix them all up to bring the perfect combination. Make sure to do everything correctly, along with the optimisation, if you want your blog to work flawlessly every single time.